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Pokemon Drawings
Relicanth wearing Towering Pillar of Hats by SakooriUxiegirl44
Kevin's Almighty Lord Shuckle by SakooriUxiegirl44
Pyrite and Mewtwo's Awakening by SakooriUxiegirl44
If you're insane and you actually think it's good, I will do a commission for you based on something like this. These are examples from friends who asked me to draw these.
Birthday Memes
TeniPuri and KuroBasu Birthday Fate by SakooriUxiegirl44
TeniPuri Birthday Fate by SakooriUxiegirl44
Kuroko No Basuke Birthday Fate by SakooriUxiegirl44
I will make something like this for an anime of your choosing.



Journal History


It’s been over 20 years since they’ve been married, yet he still felt that this was all a dream.

Tezuka Kuniharu awoke to the sound of his wife’s alarm clock and lazily reached over her to hit the snooze button. He fell down on top of her as his head rested in between her bosoms. He liked how soft they were and he quickly dozed off until his wife pushed his head off of her chest.

“Haru, do you really have to use my chest as a pillow…” his wife said groggily as she yawned.

“Good morning, Serenity.” he chuckled.

“Really now…?” she answered as she sat up.

“Why not? You are my Serenity.” Kuniharu said as he moved up and began to cuddle up to her. His face pressed onto her’s and she pushed him away.

“Stop. Your face tickles. At least shave first.” she replied.

Kuniharu gave her a sad face. “I can’t get a ‘good morning’ kiss from my own wife?”

She rolled her eyes and gave him a light peck on the lips. “Good morning, Endymion.”

He pulled her closer and was about to kiss her for longer until she put her hands out on his chest. “Not until you shave, Haru.”

“Fine, fine…”

Ayana rolled herself out of bed and walked towards the bathroom. She turned on the tap and washed her face with the cold water to wake her up. She slapped herself with her hands. She stared at herself in the mirror and her attention quickly shifted towards the ring on her left hand. She looked at it and contemplated on the thought that she did make the right choice many years ago, like she does every day. It was hard not to notice the ring on her finger because of how eye catching the purple diamond is on a gold-plated platinum band.

She brushed her hair and tied it up into a bun before she walked towards the closet in their room to get a change of clothes for the day. She giggled as she watched her husband struggle to tie his necktie for the 7000th time. No matter how many times he tries, he just never puts it on right. He stared at his wife with desperation in his eyes. She just laughed and proceeded to tie it for him as he tries to distract her with a bunch of kisses. Typical pre-breakfast routine and it’s usually the only time they have alone with each other until their only son and Kuniharu’s father wakes up.

“When will you ever learn how to tie this on your own?” Ayana asked.

“Well, when you die, I’ll have to tie a tie for the funeral.” Kuniharu joked.

“Very funny, Haru.” she said. “We both know you’re dying first.”

“Ouch. Your words hurt me deeply.” he replied sarcastically. “But I doubt I’ll ever learn how to. My fingers are too fat. Your beautiful and slender fingers are better for tying ties.”

Ayana finished looping his tie and pulling it to finish the knot. “There. Now put on a blazer or go to work as is. It’s cold outside so I suggest the blazer because I’m not going to take care of you in bed two times this month, okay?”

Kuniharu looked upset, but then he had a small epiphany. “Ayana, what’s today’s date?”

“The 30th of November?”

“Aw yeah! No blazer for me today because tomorrow’s December!”

“Haru, please.” Ayana said, sounding defeated.

“Fine, fine. I’ll put on a blazer just for you, Ayana.” Kuniharu replied flirtatiously.

It took a while before Kuniharu came into the kitchen. Ayana had already begun planning the meals for today and was already cooking. Today’s cooking was different from the previous day’s because Kuniharu noticed a lot of foreign ingredients usually not found in Japanese cooking.

“Ayana, what the heck is this stuff?” Kuniharu asked as he poked everything with his finger.

“I have no idea. Mitsu wanted me to make him this new stupid health diet thing for his tennis, so I’m trying to follow his instructions, but what the heck is this ‘wheat grass protein extract’? I wish he labelled the ingredients too…”

Kuniharu kissed her forehead. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out or our genius son will tell you.”

“Speaking of genius,” she turned around from her cutting board, “you’re going to be late for work in the next hour if you don’t sit down and eat food. I made your favourite.”

“Cha-chawanmushi?! In the morning?! Ayana…” he began crying. “I LOVE YOU!!”

“You’re such a kid, Haru…” she sighed. “Now eat it or I’ll force it down your throat.”

Kuniharu sat down at the table and hyped himself as he spooned up some of the chawanmushi and ate it. He melted into a metaphorical puddle of ooze as he continued to eat it. The euphoric face he had on made his son sigh and slap him back into reality.

“Father, wake up. It’s just chawanmushi.” came the cold and somewhat annoyed voice of Kuniharu’s son, Kunimitsu.

“You don’t understand, Kunimitsu.” Kuniharu replied meekly. “IT IS THE BEST CHAWANMUSHI EVER AND IT WAS MADE BY YOUR BEAUTIFUL MOTHER! IT TRULY IS THE PINNACLE OF CHAWANMUSHI!” he shouted as soon as he regained his energy.

Ayana giggled. “Good morning, Mitsu.”

“Good morning, Mother.” Kunimitsu replied. “Father’s still the same.”

“No, I’d have to disagree. Your father has changed a lot from when we first met.” Ayana thought. “It’s weird how you didn’t take after him and took after your grandfather.”

“I do not know if that is a good thing or not.” Kunimitsu replied as he continued to stare at his father. “Am I seriously the biological child of this man…?” he thought to himself.

Kuniharu cried as he finished his food. “Thank you for the food, my beautiful, lovely wife!”

“Now, now. Don’t cry, stupid. I made more for your lunch today.” Ayana said as she held the bento boxes for her husband.

Kuniharu ran up as quickly as he could and held her tight. “Ayana… I LOVE YOU!!”

Kunimitsu looked dumbfounded. “Really, Father…”

“You don’t understand this feeling, Kunimitsu.” Kuniharu said. “Chawanmushi is the best thing in the world if it was made by your mother. Any other type of chawanmushi is considerably pleb-tier compared to your mother’s.”

“Father, stop using slang. It doesn’t make sense to me.” Kunimitsu said as he began to eat breakfast. “And there’s no point for me to understand at this age. I’m not popular with girls.”

Bullshit.” they both thought.

“Oh well. I best be going before my father wakes up and brings on the wrath. I’m heading out now! See you later, my lovely wife.” Kuniharu said cheerfully as he kissed Ayana on the cheek. He grabbed his suitcase and ran out the door, dropping some papers behind.

Ayana ran over to get them. She was going to run after her husband to give them to him, but he already sped out of the driveway. Sighing, she returned inside as she caught a glimpse of a photograph within the stack of paper. She pulled out the photograph and saw a picture of the two from when they were younger and ‘enjoying the uni life’ as Kuniharu always says.

“That rat bastard still hasn’t changed…”

“Mother, why are you cooking the wheatgrass in dashi stock?” came the voice from her son, who was watching the pot on the stove boil over.

“Oh no!”

It was another boring and cloudy spring day in Tokyo. Tezuka Kuniharu was skipping class, as usual. He sees no point in going to his Calculus II class if he already knows how to do triple integrals while the rest of the class is still stuck on defining functions. He’s always found on the rooftop of the Material Science labs building because the Dean of Faculty of Commerce never has time to cross to the other side of campus to look for him. All he does is stare out into the streets of Shinjuku, looking for something fun to do. Apparently, going to Waseda University didn’t interest him at all. All he thinks about now is how he could have gone to Tokyo Tech and work on something that could advance technology, but instead, he chose to be a business major.

Today was a bit different, as he noticed something way out of the ordinary.

Walking into the clinic during his Calculus II class was none other than Hashimoto Ayana. The Hashimoto Ayana. The one girl who has never skipped a single class. The one girl who always goes to every lecture, no matter how infectiously sick she is. The last person you’d ever see walk into a clinic during the middle of Professor Kanno’s boring lecture on double integrals. This piqued his interest and he decided to go down and see what’s up. He climbed over the railings and was about to jump onto the tree branch when the Director of the university opened the door to the roof and sees him try to jump.

“TEZUKA!!” came the shout from the director.

“Shit.” Kuniharu muttered to himself.

Quickly, he jumped onto the branch and descended to the ground before the director could reach the railings. He fell into the shrubs that lined the building as the director got to the edge to look and see where he was running towards. Kuniharu stayed still and kept quiet as the director scratched his head and walked away from the ledge.

“That was close. Holy shit.” Kuniharu stood up and brushed himself off. He ran for the clinic before the director could catch him. “Last time I ever do that…”

Just ask he reached the door to the clinic, Hashimoto Ayana walked out of the clinic with a bandaged left arm. She held the door open for Kuniharu with her bandaged arm. Kuniharu looked at her in the eyes and she just stared at him with a weird look. “Are you not going to go in?” she asked.

It took a while before Kuniharu snapped out of his daze. “No. What?”

Ayana snorted. “Typical.” she then let go of the door and walked away.

“Wait!” Kuniharu called out. “Hashimoto, isn’t it?”

Ayana stopped in her tracks and turned around. “Tezuka, isn’t it? What do you want? The Calculus II lecture ended a while ago.”

“I-” Kuniharu began, but was cut off by his friend, Sanada Gennosuke.

“Oi! Haru, you bastard! Skipping Calc II again?! Professor Kanno’s gonna have my ass if you don’t show up for the next lecture! Literally!”

“He’s right you know, Haru. Prof Kanno’s got the hots for Sanada here!” his other friend, Atobe Keisuke remarked. “I’m jealous, Sanada! Kanno’s really hot too! Why turn her down too?”

“Oh shut up, Keisuke. You got your eye on that sophomore doing sociology!” Gennosuke shouted.

“At least I’m not Haru and going after Ms. Stick-Up-Her-Ass!” Keisuke retorted. “She’s not even hot!”

“Hey!” Kuniharu shouted at Keisuke. “She’s right there you- huh?”

Ayana was nowhere to be seen. Kuniharu sighed heavily. Keisuke and Gennosuke both laughed at him.

“Oh damn! Shot right out of the sky this time, Haru!” Gennosuke said. “Fourth girl this week, man! Fucking brutal!”

“No wonder you’re still a kissless virgin! You can’t even talk to women without them walking away!” Keisuke added.

“Oh shut up, you two.” Kuniharu replied.

“TEZUKA!!” came the angry yell from the director of the university. who was now running towards the three of them.

“Shit! Run!” Keisuke shouted. The three of them split off into different directions.

“Good morning, Ayana. Kunimitsu.” was the groggy voice from Kuniharu’s father, Kunikazu. “You guys were loud this morning.”

“Sorry, Father. You know how Haru can be.” Ayana responded.

“Oh yes. I’m quite aware. That child… I swear I’ll never understand why you married him, Ayana.” Kunikazu wondered.

“You just have to look past his stupidity, Father.”

“I’ve tried so many times, Mother. I still do not see why you married him.” Kunimitsu finally said after staying silent for a while. “Thanks for the food, Mother.”

“Done, Mitsu?” Ayana asked as she walked over to the table. “You didn’t touch the chawanmushi.”

“It’s father’s favourite. Give it to him when he comes back.” Kunimitsu replied. “Mother, are you having problems with identifying the ingredients I’ve bought? Do you need me to label them for you?”

“That would be lovely, Mitsu.” she sighed.

“Excuse me then.” Kunimitsu said as he got up and walked over to the counter.

“Chawanmushi? Ayana, you know that Kuniharu-”

“-gets overly excited when he eats a good chawanmushi. I know, Father.”

“Speak of the devil,” Kunikazu sat down and looked at the photograph, “why is this here? Kuniharu never leaves for work without this picture.”

“It dropped out of his suitcase this morning. I was going to chase after him, but you know how Haru is with cars and driving fast. That idiot’s going to kill himself…”

“Not like it’s the first time…” Kunikazu laughed to himself. “I would have killed him easier if I knew he hurt you back during your university days.”

“Father, please. It was a good thing you didn’t kill him.” Ayana laughed. “Besides, I would have killed him first, hands down.”

Kuniharu couldn’t find Ayana after running away from the wrath of the director, so he decided to lose himself in the shops around the Golden Gai area of Shinjuku. He always finds something interesting in the Golden Gai because every day is always different. He walked aimlessly around, looking at the walls plastered with movie posters for upcoming films starring more and more foreign actors. His favourite bar was open and he was tempted to go in, but realized that it might not be a good idea. He kept walking around until he stopped in front of a cafe. He was about to go in when (surprise, surprise) Hashimoto Ayana walked out with a coffee in her hand that was bandaged along with the rest of her arm. Again, Kuniharu was lost for words and again, Ayana gave him an annoyed look.

“Tezuka, isn’t it? If you don’t stop following me without a reason, I will call the police on you.” she threatened.

“Why is your arm bandaged?” he asked bluntly.

“Is that your concern?” she asked. “It’s nothing. Routine checkup.”

“My ass. Routine checkups don’t result in you having your entire arm bandaged up.” he retorted. “Well then, shall we walk and talk, Hashimoto?”

“Uh, no. I have to study for my Physics III midterm. I’m going to the library.”

“Then I’ll walk you there.”

“It’s not even dark out. What the hell are you planning?”

“I genuinely want to know what’s wrong with your arm.”

“Are you sure this is not some sort of bad attempt to get into my pants?”

Kuniharu grabbed her arm and held it. He looked carefully at the bandaging job and looked for any bleed throughs. He also took this time to just stare at how slender and fragile the arm really was. He let go after he felt that it was okay for him to.

“You have an infection and it’s just so utterly gross that you needed to have it covered up.” he concluded.

Ayana rolled her eyes. “As expected from a commerce student.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Infection isn’t even close to the real reason.” she replied. “It’s covered up because of the allergic reaction to the medication I’m taking. This is just to prevent infection and from me bleeding out.”

“Medication? You don’t look sick at all.”

“I have a form of hypothyroidism. I don’t talk about it because the name of the condition is weird.”

“How so?” Kuniharu said, suddenly really interested.

“It’s called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. My grandfather was the one who discovered the condition and I just happen to have it.”

“Wow. No wonder you don’t tell people.” Kuniharu started laughing. “That’s just too funny.”

“Oh shut up, you ass.” she groaned. “I’m going to go then. Later.” she said as she walked towards the direction of the university’s library.

Her bandage was becoming undone and Kuniharu saw the crimson blood stain the bandages faster and faster. Ayana began to lose her balance and orientation when Kuniharu ran towards her to hold her steady. He quickly grabbed the part of her arm where the blood was trickling out of in an attempt to clot the bleed. Ayana began to lose consciousness and Kuniharu did the only thing he could think of; he took off his shirt, tied it around her arm to makeshift a bandage, picked her up and ran towards the university’s infirmary, which was a good 20 minute run from where they were.

Kuniharu sighs heavily as he eyes his endless pile of paperwork he has to get done for the day. All he was thinking about was the lunch that awaited him, and he’s only been at work for less than ten minutes now. Defeated, he begins to attack the stack of papers. He opened up his suitcase and realized the photograph of his wife and him was missing and he began to panic.

“Shit! How the hell am I supposed to work now?! Oh man, this feels just like that time she almost died!”

Ayana woke up in a very white and very sterile room. She tried to set up, but the supernovae headache she was experiencing made her lie still. She turned her head to see an IV in her right arm with blood running through the tube. Attention shifted towards her left arm, which was bandaged more heavily than before. She didn’t feel much pain and it was hard for her to move her legs, so she must have been sedated. She tried looking around the room to see if she recognized anyone when a nurse walked by and came up to her.

“Oh, good! You’re awake!” the nurse said, surprised. “You’ve lost a lot of blood, but thankfully, that young man who brought you in was the same blood type as you!”

“What?” Ayana replied in a daze.

“Oh, you don’t know? Some nice, young man carried you into the clinic in a panic and he gave some of his blood after he found out he was the same type as you. You were bleeding a lot, so it was a good thing.”

Ayana tried to think about what she was doing before she ended up here, but nothing came to her. “Who was it?” she asked.

“He didn’t leave a name, I’m afraid.”

“I see.”

“You’re free to leave as soon as we finish the transfusion and you feel okay enough to go.” the nurse said. She walked over to the IV and examined it carefully before adjusting some measurements on the machine and leaving to check on other patients.

Ayana tried to think hard about what happened before she ended up in the clinic. She was leaving a cafe in Shinjuku and was heading towards the library, but she felt that something was missing. There must have been some interaction she didn’t remember.

Meanwhile, Kuniharu was standing outside of the clinic, shaking with fear of what to do next. He’s been trying to decide whether or not to go in to see her or not and if she even wanted to see him at all. He didn’t know if he should go see her in case she goes into some sort of rage that would make her injury worse. He wanted to go see her to see if she’s doing okay or if there were any more complications. He was just so nervous about what to do.

Do I bring her flowers? What if she’s allergic to those flowers? Should I bring her food? What if she’s not hungry? What do I do??’ was all that went through Kuniharu’s mind at the time. He didn’t realize that Ayana was standing in front of him by the time he was partially done worrying about her.

“Are you not going in?” Ayana asked him.

“Hashimoto! Hi! Uh. Are you-”

“I’m fine. What are you doing here, Tezuka?”

“N-nothing! I was gonna check on you and stuff but, uh-”

“But what?”

“Nothing. It’s late now. Should I walk you home?”

“Thanks, but I’m not going home. I’m studying in the library’s reading room. You’re free to join me. It’s Calculus II review for midterms.”

“Uh, maybe I’ll just walk you there. It’s dangerous at this time anyways. Campus gets sketchy after 9 PM.”

“You don’t have to, Tezuka.”

“Judging by the stab wounds you were hiding under your bandages, I think it’s safer if I walk with you.” Kuniharu turned around. “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Hah! I knew it was too much of a coincidence to be true!”

“How did you-”

“Hashimoto, you can’t fool me. I’m a streets kind of person. Plus, I was with you when the nurses were fixing your bandages and taking my blood, so-”

“So you’re the person who brought me in. What happened?”

“A huge volcano of your blood spewed everywhere and dyed all of the Golden Gai red, so now it’s called the Red Gai.”

“Very funny, Tezuka.”

“I try.”

“Ayana…” Kuniharu sniffled as he talked on the phone with his wife. “The picture is GONE.”

“Do you mean the picture of us at some sort of summer festival? You dropped it as you ran out of the door again, Haru. I have it right here.”

“You do?!” he said as he began crying. “Ayana… I LOVE YOU!!”

“Get back to work, Haru. You have stuff to do. I need to get back to the stove.”

Professor Nanaki’s Statistics and Dynamics lecture was over for the day and Ayana was always the last to leave his lectures. Today was no different, but Professor Nanaki approached her as she finished packing up her papers.

“Hashimoto, I have a favour to ask of you.” Professor Nanaki began.

“Yes, Professor?”

“It’s about the one kid who never shows up for my lectures.”

“Atobe Keisuke? Professor, if I’m not mistaken, he dropped your-”

“No, not Atobe. Tezuka Kuniharu? Do you know of him?”

“Tezuka? What about him?”

“Well, you see, he hasn’t done anything this semester and he’s going to fail my course if he doesn’t write one test before the exams. He might be struggling to learn the material and gave up. I was wondering if you could talk some sense into him for me? Or even tutor him?”

“You’re asking for a lot, Professor.”

“I know, but I don’t know who else to ask but you, Hashimoto.”

“Don’t worry, Professor. Count on me. I’ll get the job done faster than ripping off a bandage.”

Professor Nanaki laughed. “Good to hear it, Hashimoto.”

“Oh that stupid son of mine… Always causing trouble for you, Ayana.” Kunikazu sighed as he finished eating his breakfast.

“It’s fine, Father. Really.” Ayana said as she continued to chop up this gelatinous substance. “Haru’s just who he is. Kind of dense if you ask me.”

“I almost killed him when you told me he skipped classes frequently. Do you know how expensive those classes are?! If I wasn’t chief back then I don’t know how I would have been able to put him through school if he never went to his classes…”

“He did finish top of his class though. All he took for electives were math courses whereas everyone else took petty courses in philosophy or the other social sciences.”

“I swear to God if I didn’t force him to go into business, then he would have been different and doing something even more insane…”

Ayana waited in the cafe in the Golden Gai for Kuniharu to arrive, but he was late, as usual. She was growing more and more impatient as time kept passing. It was almost 4:30 and she planned to meet with him almost half an hour ago. She sighed heavily as she continued to work away at the problem set that she was supposed to do with him. Kuniharu showed up as Ayana gathered her things and packed them up.

“Oh, was that today? I forgot.” he said nonchalantly.

“You’re an ass, Tezuka.”

Ayana shoved the rest of her papers into her bag, but one of them fell out of her hands and landed on the ground. Kuniharu picked it up and examined it.

“That’s wrong. You didn’t do it right.” he said. “For instance, when you attempted to simplify the identity, you made sine of x equal cosine of x over tangent of x, when it’s supposed to equal cosine of x times the cotangent of x.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. You know everything?!”

“That’s why I skip. Shit’s useless to me.”

“Thanks for wasting my time, you ass. I’m leaving.” she said as she slung her bag over her shoulder and walked towards the exit.

“Wait. Hashimoto!” Kuniharu called out.

“What the hell could you possibly want now?!” she yelled at him with rage. Her voice echoed throughout the cafe and everyone looked at them.

“I-” Kuniharu began. “Nevermind.”

Ayana turned around and walked out of the cafe, leaving Kuniharu in a daze and everyone else in the cafe whispering.

Kuniharu arrived home from work, exhausted. His morale was low and all he wanted to do was sleep. “I’m home…” he said weakly.

“Welcome back, Haru.” Ayana replied. “You’re tired. Go take a bath. Dinner’s going to be a little later because Mitsu’s not coming back for a while.”

“But Ayana…”

“Go, Haru.”

“No, I was gonna say that I wanna take a bath with you…”

“Maybe later. Maybe.”

“Ayana… I LOVE YOU!!”

“I know you do, Haru, but stop shouting it so much. Your father always gets grumpy when you say it so loudly.”

“Not like it’s the first time he gets grumpy…”

Ayana didn’t want to talk to Kuniharu, but he wanted to talk with her. Kuniharu had tried every attempt in his small, small book of picking up women to try and coax her into talking to him. Nothing worked. He lost hope and fell into a bout of depression. He skipped classes more frequently. He stopped handing in assignments. He didn’t show up to write any tests. He began to drink in excess. He did the typical depression stuff that any university-aged man would do when they were heartbroken. Yet none of those things seemed to matter to Hashimoto Ayana. She didn’t care about him.

Both Professor Nanaki and Kanno grew interested in the subject, but for different reasons. Nanaki worried about the wellbeing of Kuniharu, Kanno was more concerned about the effect women have on men and their ability to progress in academics. Either way, both seemed to be concerned for him since he was the brightest in their classes, but they didn’t know what to do, since they had no idea where he even lived. That was classified information due to the fact that his father was the chief of police for the Shibuya section of Tokyo. They tried asking Sanada and Atobe both on his whereabouts, but the both of them didn’t know anything.

It wasn’t until the Kanda Festival two weeks later that both Ayana and Kuniharu’s friends saw him.

Against his will, Kuniharu was attending the festival alongside his father, who was in charge of security. He became a NEET those past few weeks and he really didn’t want to be outside with people celebrating a holiday he really didn’t care about. He didn’t want to be spotted by anyone he knew because he grew callous to the company of others and he didn’t want to hurt them.

Ayana didn’t approach Kuniharu and continued to walk down the streets. Kuniharu spotted her and began to run after her. He just had to talk to her, despite him not wanting to interact with anyone. Something compelled him to go after her.

“Hashimoto! Wait!”

Ayana turned around to see Kuniharu chase her down the street. “What could you possibly want, asshole?”

“I’m sorry.”

Ayana scoffed. “Isn’t it a little late for that?”

“Hashimoto, please.”

“Goodbye, Tezuka Kuniharu. I’m done talking with you.” she answered as she turned around and continued to walk away.

“I love you...” Kuniharu said to himself.

And because of pathetic fallacy is a thing, it started to rain. Really hard. Everyone on the streets ran for cover in the nearby shops, but Kuniharu stayed out. There was nothing else to do for him anyways. Ayana ran off. His friends left him. He’s failing. Typical stuff. Nothing changed.

Kuniharu, seeing no other option, decided to walk around the streets. He wasn’t needed anywhere, so it didn’t matter where he ended up. He just kept walking. Walked past the busy intersection in Akihabara, looking at his tiny reflection on the front facade of the Radio Building. Realizing that he was just as small and worthless like everyone else, he continued his walk.

He ended up in Ueno, where he stopped and stared at his reflection in Shinobazu Pond. He didn’t know what he saw. Physically, it’s just a man staring in a pond. His short, brown hair fell in front of his eyes. His vision has gotten worse these days, but he never wore glasses for them. He could barely make out much of the small details he sees. He reached out to touch his reflection, but his perception of sight was off and he fell into the pond. The surprisingly cool water quickly engulfed him. He couldn’t bear the cold, so he quickly got out and attempted to find the edge of the pond. Two passerbys happen to notice him struggle to find the end, so they helped him out. His vision wasn’t returning to him, but he recognized the voices of the two that pulled him out.

“Tezuka! You idiot!” came the scowl from Gennosuke. “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Sanada?” Kuniharu asked.

“Oi, Haru! Do you not realize what you did?!” was the shout from Keisuke.


Gennosuke and Keisuke looked at each other. Keisuke held Kuniharu by his shoulders and violently shook him. “Snap out of it, Haru!”


“Haru, you idiot! You need to go see that stupid Hashimoto or you’ll go insane!” Keisuke yelled.

“But she doesn’t want to see me, Keisuke… She hates me…”

“So what? Tezuka, I’ve never seen you more into this stupid girl than ever before! You’re getting soft!” Sanada scolded.

“Dammit, Haru! You bastard, look at yourself! You’re letting your life go to waste, dammit! That goddamn Hashimoto Ayana has been driving you crazy! Usually, girls are always awed by my prowess, but that goddamn Hashimoto doesn’t even budge! She’s head over heels for you!” Atobe added.

“Is she? Is she really, guys?” Kuniharu asked. “Is she really head over heels for me? Is she the same person after she met me? Is she still the same person who never skips a single class? Is she still the same teacher’s pet? Is she really Hashimoto Ayana? Is she? Is she?!”

Gennosuke slapped Kuniharu across the face and then grabbed his shoulders. “KUNIHARU!! YOU BASTARD! JUST FUCKING DO IT!”

Kuniharu finally snapped out of his phase and looked at Gennosuke’s face. Though he can’t make out most of the details, he felt his icy glare as Gennosuke let go of his shoulders. Keisuke looked at him too with a more worried face.

“You’re right. If I have balls, I got to do this.” Kuniharu murmured. “But you guys need to help me. I can’t see.”

“You can’t see?” Keisuke asked.

“No. I can’t see. I can’t see anything. Just outlines but that’s it.”

“There’s no time. Let’s just get him to her doorstep and ditch.” Gennosuke said.

“I’m home.” Kunimitsu sighed as he walked through the door.

“Welcome back, Mitsu.” Ayana greeted. “Tired?”

“Kind of. Working hard to get to the next tournament.” Kunimitsu replied. “Is dinner ready yet?”

“Kind of. Not really. Not sure. Still waiting.” was the indecisive response.

“Mother? Are you okay?” Kunimitsu said as he ran up to her.

“Maybe. I think.” Ayana answered before stumbling.

“Father! Something’s wrong with Mother!” Kunimitsu shouted. He catches Ayana in his arms and puts two fingers to her neck to check her pulse. “At least she has a pulse. She’s breathing.” He tried to pick her up and move her, but his shoulder pain kicked in and he almost dropped her.

“Kunimitsu! Don’t strain your shoulder!” Kuniharu exclaimed. “Ayana! Ayana!”

“She’s conscious, Father. I think it’s fatigue. Or cabin fever.”

Kuniharu got a hold of Ayana and lifted her up. He walked her over and put her on the sofa in the living room. Kunimitsu wetted a towel and put it over her forehead. Kuniharu held her hand tightly while Kunimitsu did other physical checks; heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure just to name a few of the things.

“She’s fine, but we should let her rest, Father.” Kunimitsu concluded. “Relax. She’s not dying, Father.”

“I know she isn’t, but this feels like the time I almost lost her.” Kuniharu replied.

Gennosuke, Keisuke and Kuniharu all stood in front of Ayana’s apartment door. Keisuke knocked on the door and he and Gennosuke ran for the hills, leaving Kuniharu blind and lost. Ayana opened the door and was reluctant to see Kuniharu standing in front of her door. She didn’t want to see him, but he was soaking wet and smelled like algae and petrichor. She didn’t want to let him in due to the sole reason that she was about to take a bath and was only in a bathrobe. Reluctantly, she sighed and let him into her apartment. Kuniharu took one step before falling over and collapsed on the floor.

“Tezuka? Tezuka?!” Ayana asked. She checked his temperature by feeling his forehead. “Shit. You’re running a fever.”

Ayana used her strength to drag him inside her apartment before anyone else saw. She took off his soaking wet clothes and dragged him into the bathroom. She turned on the shower head and began to scrub his body to get rid of the pond scum that was sticking to him. Using her herbal scented shampoo she scrubbed his hair to get rid of the damage done by the rain and pond water. Kuniharu felt the hot water on his back and Ayana’s fingers running through his hair.

“Hashimoto?” Kuniharu finally asked.

“Call me Ayana, Kuniharu.”


“Oh, shut up.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know.”

“Ayana-” Kuniharu stopped mid sentence when he turned around to look at her.

Ayana blushed. “D-don’t look.” she said as she used her arms to cover her chest.

“Is my fever high or are you just that hot?”


“Haru is fine. My friends call me that.”


“It’s okay. You took off all of my clothes. Either you’re really into me or you’re trying to reduce my fever and clean me up.”

“Wash the shampoo out of your hair. I’ll fill the tub.”

Ayana’s eyes fluttered open. She turned her head to the side and saw Kuniharu looking at her with relief and joy.

“Ayana!” Kuniharu said in surprise.

“Haru? I’m okay, Haru.”

“Mother, you’re okay.” Kunimitsu sighed.

“It’s okay. I’m okay.” Ayana replied. “My blood sugar must be low.”

“Mother, did you eat anything today?”

“I must have forgotten to.”

Kuniharu suddenly got teary-eyed and began to weep. “Ayana…”

“Stop crying, Haru. It’s ugly.”

“I was so close to losing you, my beautiful, lovely wife! How can I not cry?”

“You’re overreacting, Father. Mother’s fine.”

“I know but,” he sobbed. “it was just so close.”

Kunimitsu rolled his eyes. “I’ll finish making dinner since you’re not strong enough to do so, Mother.”

As soon as the bathtub filled with steaming hot water, Ayana threw some bath salts in, swirled it around with her hand and climbed in. The bathtub was unusually large for such a small sized apartment. Kuniharu finished rinsing his hair and dried it using the towel Ayana left for him. Once he finished, he climbed into the tub as well, making Ayana blush harder.

“These salts smell nice. Or maybe it’s just you.”

“I’m only warming you up, okay? Only reason why I’m here is because I can’t afford to waste any more water until the next billing period.”

“Whatever you say, Hashi- Ayana.”

“Besides…” Ayana said as she looked down and pulled her legs up to her chest. “You’re good looking. And you’re also the only guy who’s ever came into this apartment.”

“Am I? Well then I must be one lucky guy.”

“I forgive you, okay?”


“I forgive you, Haru.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I’m sorry too, Kuniharu.”


She started to cry. She really had no rationale to cry, but she did. “I’m sorry, Haru. I’m sorry.”

Kuniharu moved closer and held her face in his hand. He used the other hand to wipe away the stray tears from her face, like they always do in romances.

“Don’t cry. You look less beautiful when you do.”


“I didn’t say you didn’t look beautiful. Crying makes you ugly, yes, but you’re still beautiful when you are crying. God, what the hell am I saying?”

Ayana laughed softly. “You’re cute when you screw up like that.”

“And you’re just cute.”

Once Kunimitsu finished cooking the rest of the meal and Kuniharu set up the table, the family sat down to eat a meal together. Nothing out of the ordinary. Kunimitsu talked about tennis, as usual, and they all put up with it. Kunikazu usually drank in excess and began to ramble about the various criminals he stopped in his days with Sanada’s grandfather. Ayana usually never had much to say because her days were usually the same. Kuniharu never said much about his work because it was more boring than Kunimitsu’s ramblings about tennis. Today they were more quiet than usual and Kunimitsu noticed it.

“Father, Mother, you’re both awfully quiet today. Did something happen?”

“Oh, ignore them, Kunimitsu. Your parents are just huge lovebirds.” Kunikazu said in his drunken state. “Oh man, this sake is good! That reminds me of this one time when I busted down an illegal sake factory that was mass producing sake at an alarming rate and-” he kept rambling on and his words were becoming more incoherant the more he drank.

Kuniharu was more focused on his wife, who was glowing brighter and brighter the more she ate. He stared at her as she took little bites of food, while smiling and even laughing at some of the random stuff his father was saying. He watched in awe as everything about her lit up. Everything about her just seemed too perfect to be real. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He just kept thinking about her.

“My dad left this here when he came for business. You can borrow it for now.” Ayana said as she handed him the cotton shirt. “I’ll just run down and put these through a quick wash. I don’t have anything that can pass as pants, so you’ll just have to wait.” She put on slippers and walked out of the apartment.

This left Kuniharu alone with her apartment, so he decided to look around at the stuff she had out. A bowl full of peaches on the kitchen counter that look fresh, no TV in her living room, a desk scattered with formulas, theories, textbooks, calculators and stationary, a closet with futons falling out, a sink full of dishes and various origami models scattered around the place.

She must not have time to do the dishes. Maybe I should do them for her.’ he thought. ‘Nah. She said something about her not being able to afford water earlier, didn’t she?’

Kuniharu decided to go into her bedroom and put out a futon for her. He was carrying the futon to her room when she came through the door.

“You’re setting up my futons?” she asked as she closed the door behind her.

“Yeah. I was gonna leave after my clothes dry so I mean-”

“Stay the night.” she said as she hugged him. “It’s late anyways. No point in going home. Plus you got a fever of 39, which is high.”

Kuniharu sighed. “Alright. I can sleep in the living ro-”

“You can sleep in my room. We can share futons.” she replied with her face getting red. “You didn’t button up the shirt.” she noticed.

“Not like I’ll be wearing it for long anyways. I tend to sleep shirtless.”

She sighed. She let go of the hems of the shirt and walked over to the futon closet to get out a bigger one. The walked into her room and spreaded out the futons on the ground. Kuniharu fell on top of the futon he was carrying. His body felt heavy and he was almost done. He turned around to see Ayana finish setting up the futons. She loomed over him and he looked back at her.

“You should get some rest, Haru.”

“Maybe. But I don’t like to sleep alone.”


“I know. I know. I’ll get some rest.”

“Good. I’m tired too. It’s been a long day so I’m going to sleep too.”


“Oh! Do you want anything?”

Kuniharu crawled under the futon and curled up under it. “Nothing… I’ll tell you later… Good night…”

“Good night, Haru.”

After dinner was finished, Ayana cleared the table and washed the dishes. While she was cleaning up, Kunimitsu retired to his room to do his work, Kunikazu watched some stupid variety shows and Kuniharu went into the bathroom and started a hot bath. He threw some bath salts into the water and stirred it around with his hand. As he waited for the tub to fill up, he turned on the shower and scrubbed himself with soap as he tried to wash off the stress he’s accumulated over the past month. He sighed as he rinsed the soap off and heard a knock on the door.

“Haru? There aren’t any towels in there. Can I open the door and put some down?” was Ayana’s voice on the other side.

Kuniharu turned off the shower and walked over to the door to unlock it. He slowly pried the door open in case there was someone else besides Ayana on the other side. He peeked out of the crack between the frame and door, but only saw Ayana. With a sigh of relief, he opened the door more and grabbed Ayana’s wrist and pulled her into the bathroom while closing the door all in one motion. He then relocked the door and walked over to turn off the water flowing into the bath.

“Geez, it’s really steamy in here, Haru.” Ayana said as she put the towels into the cabinet.

“I ran a bath for the both of us. Care to join me, Serenity?” Kuniharu asked.

Ayana took one look at her husband and looked at herself in the mirror. “Actually, I do.”

Ayana returned into her apartment with Kuniharu’s now washed and non-algae smelling clothing. She folded the clothes up neatly and placed them beside his futon and crawled into her own. Kuniharu tossed and turned until he finally opened his eyes and looked at her.

“I can’t sleep.” he finally admitted.

“Same. I’m tired, but I can’t fall asleep either.”

They both turned and stared at the ceiling and sighed. Ayana turned her head to look at Kuniharu.

“It’s cold tonight.” she finally said.

Kuniharu moved closer to Ayana and lifted up his blanket to share with her. “Now, the closer we are, the more heat we share. Enthalpy is fun.” he smirked.

Ayana giggled. “At least it’s not entropic.”

“I can make it entropic.”

Ayana gave him a funny look. “How?”

“I dunno.” he said as he inched closer to her. “It’s not a bad thing to fall in love.”

“As if.”

“Your words hurt me deeply. Really and truly.”

“Good. You’re an ass anyways.”

Kuniharu turned himself again and faced the ceiling. He sighed. Ayana continued to stare at him.

“I’m kidding. You’re not always an ass.”

“I’m only an ass when I want to be.”

Ayana closed her eyes and a warm, comforting type of silence filled the air. The both sighed as they made eye contact.

“Ayana, I-”

“I love you, Tezuka Kuniharu.”


“I love you, Haru.”


Ayana inched closer and rested her head on his shoulder. “I mean it.”

She turned to face him and grabbed his head with her hands. She closed her eyes tightly and pressed her lips onto his. Kuniharu’s eyes widened. Ayana was kissing him and he didn’t know what to do. All these weird ideas ran into his head, but all he did was push harder against her force.

‘This is how the theory of equilibrium forces works right?’ he thought.

He closed his eyes and began to intensify the kiss. He slowly wriggled his tongue into her mouth because that was a sensible thing to do. Surprised by the sudden move, Ayana returned the action. The moved slowly at first, not wanting to do something stupid, but it was their first kiss; both separately and as a potential couple.

They broke the kiss after a while and Ayana hid her face under the covers. Kuniharu laughed. “You’re so cute, Ayana.”

“T-there was a scientific rationale for that! There’s this theory going around that important events, such as one’s first kiss, gets imbedded into your hippocampus so you can never forget it…”

“Too bad for you, Ayana. That wasn’t memorable for me.”


Kuniharu pulled her into his arms. “I’m joking, but we can make it more memorable.” he said, which made her blushed. He smirked. “It’s not a bad thing to fall in love with me.”

“It’s been so long since we’ve done this together, Haru.” Ayana sighed as she let her body relax in the hot water. “Almost forgot this feeling.”

“Same. Life just gets to you. Wish money wasn’t a thing so I could do this all day.” Kuniharu joked as he wrapped his arms around Ayana’s waist. “I wanna sleep, but I’ll drown.”

“I won’t let you drown. I still need you.”

“I can’t die either. I need you too.”

Kuniharu woke up with his head spinning. At least it was Friday, which meant no classes until 11 AM. He sat up and realized he felt all weird and warm and fuzzy on the inside. Smiling, he looked at Ayana, who was sleeping peacefully beside him. Her bare shoulders were showing and he finally remembered what happened.

‘Oh shit, I slept with her, didn’t I?’

He did a quick scan of the room and saw his clothes folded up into a neat pile. Quickly, he got out of the covers and began to frantically put on his clothes before Ayana woke up. The noise he was making, trying to get his clothes on, woke her up.

“Do you have to be so loud in the morning, Haru? Are you late for class or something?”

“What?” Kuniharu turned around. “Sorry. I’ll get out of your hair.”

“It’s fine. You can stay, idiot. Last night was like a dream.”

Kuniharu fell back onto the futon and lied there. “What the hell happened last night…”

“I don’t know. That’s something you should tell me.”


“I know what happened last night. I’ll tell you what happened from my view, but you must also have an opinion on this matter too.”


“It’s fine. If you don’t actually remember, then whatever happened last night meant nothing and we can continue with our lives.”

“I think I know what happened last night. Honestly it’s a blur because I still feel like I’m dying, but I don’t regret it. I might regret it if my stupid friends find out because they’ll never let me live it down.”

“I see.”

“What about you?”

“It was just a dream to me. I don’t remember every detail, but it was nice. Great, even. I don’t regret it either, but I don’t know. I want more.”

“What do you mean?”

“Will you be my boyfriend, Tezuka Kuniharu?”

He cracked a smile. “That’s my line. Except replace ‘boyfriend’ with ‘girlfriend’ and that’s totally my line.”

“You what?” was the only answer that came out of Keisuke and Gennosuke’s mouths.

“I slept with her. She’s my girlfriend. What do you not understand? Is my Japanese incoherent?”

“Dammit, Haru. Mad skills.” Keisuke muttered. “You, out of all people, got laid. And with… her.”

“Man, Haru. Respect. No wonder you look better these days.” Gennosuke added.

“I’m just gonna assume you guys mean well.” Kuniharu replied. “Anyways, I don’t know what’s gonna happen next, but I mean, wow.”

“What’s this? The infamous Tezuka Kuniharu finally showed up for my lecture? You’re just in time for the surprise test today.” came a voice from behind.

“Good to be back I guess, Professor Nanaki?” he answered.

“Man, that bath felt so nice.” Ayana sighed. “I just wanna sleep now.”

“Same. Thank heavens it’s Friday.” Kuniharu added.

The both of them walked into their bedroom and plopped themselves on their bed. Ayana inched closer to Kuniharu as he wrapped his arm around her.

“We don’t do anything interesting these days, Haru.”

“Life does that to you. We can always do something when New Year’s rolls by, if you’re not going to be cleaning the house spotless, that is.”

“I’d get Mitsu to do it if he didn’t have to use the ‘oh I have tennis practice all break’ excuse.”

“Get my dad to.”


“I’m kidding! We’ll think of something, Ayana.” he yawned. “Time for bed for me. I’m done.”

Ayana giggled. “Okay then. Good night, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

“I’m not dying yet.”

“You will if you don’t sleep.” Ayana answered as she kissed him goodnight.

Kuniharu paced around nervously, as if he had a horrible itch to scratch, but he couldn’t. He questioned if he was doing the right thing. He questioned if he could do this thing he was about to do.

“Geez, Haru. You look like you have spaghetti in your pants or something.” Ayana laughed. She had her hands behind her back.

Kuniharu turned around. “A-ayana! I- uh. Um. Uh…”

Ayana kissed him so he could shut up. “Happy six years of us, Haru.”


“So why did you call me out, Haru? It’s not like you to suddenly plan this stuff last minute.”

Kuniharu got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. “Marry me.”

Ayana put her hand to his forehead to check for a fever. “Are you sick?”


“Haru, I know you mean well, but…”

“What? What is it?”

Ayana moved her hands from behind her to reveal a small box. She opened it and inside was another ring. “I was going to ask you to, but I had a hunch you were going to screw up somehow.”

Kuniharu hugged her tightly. “Ayana… I LOVE YOU!!”

“I love you too, Haru.”

Ayana stared at the ceiling as her husband slept beside her. She looked at him and admired the gentle expression on his face. How his hair fell onto his face. How he snores. There were a lot of things she could point out about the way he sleeps and she smiled.

“Looks like I never made a mistake.” she concluded.
Not A Bad Thing
le character developz

I have an obsession with minor characters. One day, I'll eventually rewrite this because of how shit the character development is. I'm well aware of the slight sexual remarks here and there, but it's not enough for me to use the mature content setting. If you think I should, then I might consider it.

Also, there's a bunch of references in the story, so I'll list them here:
The title is a Justin Timberlake song.
Serenity/Endymion- Sailor Moon
Professor Kanno- Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
Professor Nanaki- Hatoful Boyfriend
Ayana has a line that was pretty much a paraphrase of a Steins;Gate quote.
Ayana also quoted Hamlet at one point (Hamlet: Act V, Scene ii, Lines 358-359)

Kuniharu developed farsightedness, which is weird because his son has nearsightedness and that’s not how genetics works, but go figure.

I developed Kuniharu’s personality by combining the asshole part of Gregory House (House M.D.) with the silliness of Furukawa Akio (Clannad) and crybaby instincts of Italy (Hetalia). I mostly did this because I wanted to experiment with House before I do something stupid, but also I feel that Kuniharu seems like the guy to be like that. He has a business degree with a strong emphasis on accounting and a minor in pure math, which was his first choice.

On the other hand, Ayana was developed around the characters of Lisa Cuddy (House M.D.), Furukawa Sanae (Clannad), Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon) and Irie Kanata (omg shocker). She just seems like that type of person if she was 22 and in university. She was doing a degree in some form of physics, but gave up on her Master’s after Kuniharu married her.

It’s so weird using Tezuka-buchou’s first name for some reason, but if I replaced his name with ‘Tezuka’ I swear everyone would get confused. On the topic of names, Sanada and Atobe’s fathers make an appearance in this fic, but their real names are probably not Gennosuke and Keisuke. I just took those names off of the internet and played with the kanji until I found something that didn’t sound like shit. If you guys want a fic about their parents or some shit, idk let me know and if I can, I’ll write about them? I’m leaning more towards a story about Kunikazu and Gen’nemon more though.

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We were friends. That was it. Just friends. Nothing more. Nothing less. I never knew I wanted to be more than just friends until now. What am I supposed to do now? What am I supposed to do with these feelings? It’s too late to say anything now. Can I really keep these feelings to myself now? Should I keep these feelings at all? Can I really move on now? She’s happy, isn’t she? Then why does she look so sad? Why doesn’t she look as happy as everyone else? Why are we the only ones not happy?

I met Momoi Satsuki at a playground on a midsummer day. It’s been almost 20 years, yet she hasn’t aged a day since then. She was sitting alone on the bench, staring at the leaves. I have never seen her before in my life until that point. She wasn’t playing with anyone else at the park and no one came up to her. She looked alone. I gathered all my courage and went to sit beside her on the bench. She looked at me briefly and then continued to stare at the leaves. I didn’t want to say much, but I had to make it less awkward.

“Why are you staring at the leaves?” I asked.

“Look up.” she pointed. “See the light that’s filtering through the leaves?”

I moved my head to look up at the leaves. “Yeah. What about them?”


“What’s so cool about komorebi? It’s literally everywhere.”

“It’s special. Komorebi has no translation in other languages.”

“Really? I never knew.”

“There are a lot of words that just can’t be translated from their original language.” She turned to look at me. “I’m Momoi Satsuki. I just moved here. Nice to meet you!”

“Aomine Daiki. I’ve been here for a while.”

“Nice to meet you, Dai-chan!”

I didn’t see Satsuki for a while after our initial meeting under the tree until I saw her watch some people play street basketball. I had a basketball in hand and I was heading to the street court to shoot some hoops for fun when I saw her have her face pressed against the fence, watching the high schoolers use the court. She seemed so into it that it looked like she wasn’t breathing. I approached her and tapped her on the shoulder. She jolted up and turned around. When we made eye contact, she pouted.

“I was watching that.” she answered.

“Sorry. Just checking to see if you’re alive, Satsuki.”

“Dai-chan, please.” she turned around and crossed her arms.

“Whatever you say, Satsuki. I’m going to shoot some hoops.”

“You play basketball, Dai-chan?” she wondered.

“Not really. I’m not into competitions.” I admitted.

“Oh. I see. Competitions are more fun. It’s cool to see the pretty numbers when players get on the court and watch them change as they play.”

“You see numbers?” I asked, surprised.

She looked down and began moving her foot in circles. “Yeah! It’s really cool, but my mommy says I shouldn’t tell others about it because it sounds weird and no one else understands because no one else can see it.”

“It’s okay. I believe you. It’s actually cool. Maybe when we get older, you can do my math homework for me!”


“I’m joking, Satsuki!”

I didn’t know what synesthesia was at the time and I still don’t really know, but Satsuki’s ability to see numbers out of nowhere was really helpful to my development as a player.

One day, during the spring break before we were starting the second grade, I was playing in a stream with Momoi. She wanted to look at the crystal clarity of the water and I wanted to look for something interesting. The cherry trees were in full bloom, petals being carried off by the wind and landing in the water. They danced in the air before falling down to be carried off by the weak current of the stream. That day was like a poem and I was like that idiot in a Japanese lit class who couldn’t understand the art that was poetry.

“Dai-chan! Quit digging around in the water! It’s cold today!” I heard Momoi shout from the side.

I felt something squirming past my legs, so I quickly dunked my hand into the water and grabbed it. I pulled it out and found a frog. “Hey, Satsuki! I found a frog!” I held it up for her to see. “Look at how warty it is!” I climbed out of the stream to show her a close up.

“Ew! That’s slimy and gross. Why do you like frogs so much, Dai-chan?”

“I don’t. They look cool, but I don’t like them.”

“Let it go, Dai-chan. We should go home soon. I think my mom’s making us egg sandwiches today!”

“Okay. I’ll just- Ow!” I was stung by a bee and flung my hand up. The frog flew in the air and landed on Momoi’s head.

Momoi stopped and moved her hands up to feel the top of her head. She felt the frog and screamed as she flung her hands around to get it off. Once the frog hopped off her head, she began to cry.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaa! Dai-chan! That wasn’t funny!”

“Wait! Satsuki I can explain!”

“You’re so mean, Dai-chan!!” she screamed at me as she ran off.

“Satsuki!” I ran after her, ignoring the stupid pain in my hand.

I eventually caught up to her and she was still crying about the frog on her head. I sat down beside her and she turned around so I was talking to her back.

“Satsuki, sorry.”

Momoi turned her head to look at me and then shifted her body to face me. “It’s okay, Dai-chan! I can’t stay mad at you! You’re my friend!”

Most of our childhood passed by like the fleeting blossoms in the spring until we reached our last year in elementary. I hate the school system here because they literally made standardized testing such a huge thing. Everything revolves around these stupid tests. How well you do on this test determines the middle schools you can go to. Once you enter that middle school, you can only go to certain high schools. It sucks. The pressure just kills you. That’s what happened to me and that’s why I dragged Satsuki with me, but that’s a later story.

It was a freezing cold, almost Hokkaido-like winter in Tokyo. It was some day in December, but I had a feeling that it was before the Christmas break. Satsuki and I were in the school’s library; I was trying to get some sleep while Satsuki was organizing books.

“Man, do you have to be so loud when you put away books, Satsuki? I wanna sleep. Studying sucks.”

“Books are only noisy if you let them be, Dai-chan.”

I watched her put away the books on the higher shelves to see if she needed help or not. She stood on her tip toes to push a book into the shelf, but she was dropping the rest of the books in her hands. The stool she was standing on was unstable and it began to wobble. She quickly lost her balance and was about to fall, so I jumped up and ran to catch her.


I caught her just in time as the stool fell over. “I got you, Satsuki.”

She got all teary-eyed. “That was scary…”

“Obviously. Idiot, what would I do if you split your head open and bled everywhere? There aren’t any teachers around right now!”

“Sorry, Dai-chan. I should have asked for your help.”

“It’s okay, Satsuki. You didn’t hurt yourself at least.”

“Yeah.” She stood up and brushed herself off. “Now, do you wanna go back to studying or do you wanna dream?”


“Yeah! Let’s dream!”

“About what, Satsuki?”

“Life! You know, the boring stuff adults always talk about. Careers and where we wanna live and other stuff.”

“If I study with you, can we not talk about this stuff?”

“Hmm…” she said as she pondered. “Okay! Let’s start with math, because it’s boring. Or we could do science! Or what about kanji?”

I’ve never seen Satsuki get so excited about studying before, but she wanted the best for me. She always badgered me to study and to do well on this exam. I got so tired of her nagging, but it paid off. I passed the middle school entrance exam and just made the cutoff for Teikou. Momoi finished top of our school and she got scouted for by all these big and expensive middle schools, but she decided to go to Teikou with me because she didn’t want to be alone.

My basketball really picked up during puberty and soon enough, I was part of an all-star middle school team for Teikou. Satsuki stuck by my side and helped me improve my basketball when we got accepted into Teikou and I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger the more I trained and the more I played. I didn’t even realize how fast I made it to the first strings after attending Teikou for a few months.

Satsuki and I always had the same routine every morning. I meet up at her house, we walk to school together, eat lunch and then we go to basketball practice after classes before we walk home. That was the same daily routine every day in middle school. We grew apart kind of when we started middle school. She started calling me ‘Aomine-kun’ because she was scared that everyone else would think that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Honestly I didn’t mind if people thought we were a couple, but I did mind a lot when she started calling me ‘Aomine-kun’. I felt betrayed. I never stopped calling her ‘Satsuki’, but her not calling me ‘Dai-chan’ anymore was just really upsetting. I wasn’t too fond of that name but still.

I didn’t focus on the matter a lot and I just continued to play and have her as my analytical support. We were going to play in the gym one day when some kids from the badminton team told us we couldn’t play in the gym while they trained for a Spring Shuffle. Disappointed, but still hopeful, I decided to look for somewhere else to play when Satsuki suggested that we try this old gym on the other side of the campus. She then warned me about a ghost that haunts the gym.

“There’s a ghost in that gym, Aomine-kun.” she said in a serious tone. “Be careful.”

I bursted out laughing. “You can’t be serious, Satsuki. There’s no such thing as ghosts.”

“I’m serious! There is a ghost!” she protested. Her phone started to ring and she checked it. “I have to go, Aomine-kun. I’ll see you later!” she said as she ran off.

“See you tomorrow, Satsuki.”

I walked into the gym and it was dark. None of the lights were on, so I felt around on the wall beside the doorframe to see if I could find the light switch. Suddenly feeling a lump, I flicked it upwards, making all the lights turn on. No one was in the gym, but I could hear the sound of a basketball hitting the floor. It sent shivers down my spine and I shuddered. ‘There can’t be a ghost.’  I thought. ‘That’s not possible.’

“Excuse me, but do you need something?” I heard a voice from behind.

I turned around. Standing behind me was this short kid with blue hair and these really big, almost bug-like eyes. I freaked out and started screaming.

“Who the hell are you?!?!?!?”

“I’m Kuroko Tetsuya. Who are you?”

“Kuroko?” I thought about his name for a bit. “Aren’t you part of the third strings?”

“Yes, but I’m trying to make it to the first strings. Now, who are you?”

“I’m Aomine. Aomine Daiki. Also part of the basketball team.”

“Aomine, huh? You’re one of the first years who’s on the first strings. I’ve heard of you before, Aomine-kun.”

“So you play basketball, huh? Show me what you’ve got, Kuroko.”

It was from then on I met my ‘shadow’ and Satsuki’s future husband, Kuroko Tetsuya.

I went out for ice cream with Tetsu and the other guys one day. Satsuki wanted to tag along, but she got called by her physics teacher and couldn’t meet up with us. We went ahead without her and got the ice cream at a nearby convenience store. I tend to get vanilla flavoured ice cream when I really don’t want ice cream but also don’t want to look like a jerk. Tetsu got a soda flavoured popsicle and eagerly ate it.

“You like soda flavoured popsicles, Tetsu?” I asked.

“No. I hate them, to be honest, but I hear they have a good chance at winning a free ice cream.” he answered. “I could save the free ice cream for another time, which is a good thing.”

“Oh? Smart thinking. I should do that next time.”

I didn’t realize how fast Tetsu could eat an ice cream bar until he held out the stick and told me “Look, Aomine-kun. I won.”

I gagged on my ice cream and stared at him with a blank expression. “T-tetsu… Y-you finished already…?”

“I won, Aomine-kun. This is a little exciting.”

“Well, congratulations, Tetsu.” I said.

I noticed Satsuki run up to us from the distance. She seemed in a hurry to tell me something. When she reached us, Tetsu gave her his popsicle stick. Judging by her immediate reaction, she seemed annoyed, as if he gave her garbage. The she flipped the stick over and was immediately frozen and in awe.

“Oi, Satsuki. Are you okay?” I asked.

“Momoi-san? Are you okay?” Tetsu copied.

“I-I y-yeah I’m f-fine. T-totally f-fine!” was her bad reply. “T-t-t-t-t-t-t-thank you for the popsicle stick, K-Kuroko!”

I wanted to hit myself in the face after what I just saw. This really was the first time I saw Satsuki act all flustered like this. It was kind of cute to see her like that.

She spent the rest of the time talking with Tetsu until we all decided it was really late and that we should get home. I walked Satsuki home and we had a short conversation about why she stayed behind.

“So, Satsuki. Why did Mr. Shijima ask you to stay behind?”

“I asked him a question about gravitational physics a while back, but he never got back to me about it until now.”

“Gravitational physics? Satsuki, That stuff’s for high school.”

“I know, but it’s really important to understand gravitational physics. It plays a vital role in basketball and as well as everyday life.”

“Then tell me what you learned about gravity.”

Satsuki sighed. “You know, Aomine-kun, science has explained a lot of things, but it still can’t explain why we fall in love.”

“Really now?”

“Yeah. See, when I was talking with Mr. Shijima about gravity, he said that everything is constantly accelerating downwards by gravity. The reason why we don’t feel it is because the Earth is constantly falling too. Falling towards the sun, but it’s also not falling.”

“Isn’t that called ‘orbit’?”

“Yeah!” She looked up at the sky. The stars were out, which is weird, now that I think about it. We both saw a shooting star.

“A shooting star? Isn’t that nice.”

“Aomine-kun,” Satsuki began. “do you know what’s the acceleration due to gravity on Earth?”

“No, Satsuki. I don’t really care much about physics yet.”

“It’s 9.8 metres per second squared. That’s what acceleration due to gravity is on the Earth. Everything that falls on Earth will accelerate at 9.8 metres per second squared, if air resistance didn’t exist.”

“What a weird number. Who the hell came up with that?”

Satsuki continued to walk ahead of me. “You know, Aomine-kun, if the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 metres per second squared, how fast can one accelerate falling in love?”

I blinked. “What?”

She turned around and smiled at me. “Nothing! That didn’t really make sense at all. Oh well.”

We continued to walk until we reached her house. The lights were still on and Satsuki’s mother was outside, watering the flowerbed beside the entrance to the house.

“Oh. Daiki-kun! It’s been a while!” her mother called out when she saw us.

“It’s been a while, ma’am.” I replied.

“Hi mom! Thanks for walking me home, Aomine-kun!” Satsuki beamed. “See you tomorrow!”

“Yeah. See you tomorrow.” I said as I left.

Satsuki’s random physics gibberish ran through my head that night. What the hell did she mean by ‘how fast you could accelerate falling in love’? I didn’t understand what she meant. It didn’t bother me much at all. It just ran through my head as useless information because I lacked the knowledge to understand it. I fell asleep with that thought on my mind, but it took me five years too late to understand what she really meant.

I think it was during our second year at Teikou when that bastard Kise overheard Momoi ask Tetsu out on a date and Tetsu agreed to it.

“Come on, Aominecchi! Momocchi asked Kurokocchi out and he said yes! We have to follow them!” he annoyingly shouted in my ear.

“Dammit, Kise. I don’t care. Why do I have to go?!”

“Because Momocchi is our friend? Isn’t she also your childhood friend too?”

I sighed. “You owe me, Kise.”

“Yeah yeah! Later though. Something’s happening right now!”

“What the heck are we doing?”

“It’s called ‘trailing’. Everyone does it!”

“Don’t use that tone with me!”

“But aren’t you curious, Aominecchi?” He peered over the corner. “Look! Look!”

I looked over to where Kise was pointing and I saw her meet up with Tetsu. Out of all the things she could have worn, she wore a rather expensive and fancy dress that really made her boobs stick out. Tetsu, on the other hand, wore jeans and a white T-shirt.

“A white polo and jeans?! Really, Kurokocchi?!”

“Damn, he really didn’t think it was a date.”

“Is it just me or is Kurokocchi more transparent than usual?” Kise asked me.

“Does it really matter? They look less like a couple and more like her royal highness and her pet.”

We followed them around and watched other guys hit on Satsuki because no one noticed Tetsu. They went to a restaurant and we had to wait outside to avoid attracting suspicion. A cop saw Kise acting suspicious and decided to interrogate him. Not wanting to be in that mess, I backed off and waited. They came out of the restaurant sooner than anticipated and some guys were drooling over Satsuki. I only did what my instincts told me to do; get into a fight with them.

“What are you doing, hitting on her? Go look for someone else, douchebag!” I said as I kicked them aside.

Kise caught up to me and he kept staring at the two. He was really fixated on the two and I rolled my eyes.

“Hey, Aominecchi.” Kise began.

“What, Kise?”

“Are you sure you’re okay with this? The whole Kurokocchi and Momocchi thing.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well, I thought you guys had a thing in the past and all.”

“What?! The hell?! Never! I never liked her!”

“Really? I see…”

We watched as Tetsu ditched Satsuki. Kise overreacted and I just sighed. Just because he disappeared doesn’t mean he abandoned her. Tetsu would never do that. He returned a moment later with an abnormally large ghost plush, which he gave to Satsuki. She was starstruck and all excited about it. Kise sighed and got up from our hiding spot.

“Well, it went well. See you later, Aominecchi!”

“You bastard! You owe me!”

Later that night, Satsuki came over to my house to show me the plush she got from Tetsu.

“Look, Aomine-kun! Look at what Tetsu got me!”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” I replied. “First name basis already?”

“No.” she pouted. “Tetsu still calls me ‘Momoi-san’, even though I keep telling him that he can call me Satsuki.”

“Oh? Is that so? He just takes time. That’s all.”

I kept thinking about what Kise said to me. He thought we had a ‘thing’ before middle school and that’s why she addresses me as ‘Aomine-kun’; because it fell apart. Honestly, it bothered me when it shouldn’t have. She was happy, so I should be happy for her. It didn’t matter anyways. Tetsu was a good guy. He would never hurt Satsuki.

Our years at Teikou came and flew, like the colours of the leaves in autumn. I started to grow apart from my friends, including Satsuki. I became too strong and I let my arrogance get to me. The so-called ‘Generation of Miracles’ was nothing but a marketing sham for the school. Sure, we were the strongest, but it didn’t matter to me. I don’t care about the team being strong. I only cared about me.

High school entrance exams came around and I was stressing badly about it. I’ve never actually cared before in my life, but now, I felt like it mattered no matter what. All the potential schools I could make were overwhelming. There were a lot of university preparatory schools, private schools, athletic schools, and art schools in Tokyo, yet I wasn’t sure which would be best for me. They all required high marks on the entrance exam and I really could care less about how well I do on it. It only matters how strong their basketball team is.

High schools far and wide tried to scout me to join their teams, but they all sucked. I hated how desperate and needy they all were for attention. They wanted me, the power forward of Teikou, to join their shitty basketball teams so they have a chance to make the Winter Cup. It’s just so annoying. It was then I decided that the only school that didn’t come up to me and beg was the school I would go to.

And that school was Touou Academy.

Initially, Satsuki was confused as to why I didn’t choose another school that was better. She told me that Touou sucks at basketball and she was perplexed.

“They didn’t beg me, so I’m going to Touou.”

“But Aomine-kun, you have so much potential. Why don’t you go somewhere else?”

“I’m annoyed with needy people, Satsuki.”

“Is that so?” she said. “Well, I’m thinking of going to Seirin High. They got a really wonderful chemistry program there.”

“Are you sure you’re not going to Seirin because of Tetsu?”

Satsuki blushed when I mentioned his name. “N-no. Well… M-maybe…”

I got up from my seat. “Do whatever you feel is right, Satsuki. I don’t care either way.”

I was really bothered by what she said, but I didn’t let it show. I can’t believe who would go to Seirin just because of Tetsu. I mean, I don’t support their ‘relationship’ but I’m not against it either. She’s just confused about her emotions. That’s all. I just reassured myself with lies because I didn’t want to accept reality. I didn’t love her back then, so why was I so bothered by it?

Satsuki never went to Seirin. She did a last minute switch into Touou because she’s ‘worried about me causing trouble’. I felt bad, but relieved when I found out we were going to the same high school. It was nice to have her go to Touou. Their sciences are more developed than Seirin’s, which was perfect for her. It was also selfish of me to keep her from going to a better school for what she wanted to do, like how Akashi got scouted by Rakuzan, which is the top school for a lot of things.

Satsuki grew more distant from me when we got to Touou. She still called me ‘Aomine-kun’, much to my disgust. I still called her Satsuki though. We still walked to and from school together. She became the manager of the basketball team at Touou as well. I continued to skip practice. She continued to yell at me. I continued to play, but I felt unsatisfied the more and more I played. I’ve sat out for games at times because I didn’t want to play. The team was strong on its own. They didn’t need me. I was always a reserve.

Satsuki developed her Intel a lot when we started school at Touou. Day in and day out, she would keep talking more and more about the data she has and the amount the team has improved. I didn’t care. I just put up with it because it’s the only conversation we have these days. Satsuki didn’t go visit Tetsu during the first semester, but after the Interhigh prelims, she left one day to go to the Aida Sports Gym. At first, I questioned why she would go to the gym. Then I ran into Midorima on the streets. He told me that he saw Satsuki walk into the gym and coincidentally, Tetsu and his team was at the gym.

“Oh. Aomine. It’s been a while.” Midorima acknowledged.

“Midorima.” I nodded.

“If you’re looking for Momoi, she’s at the Aida Sports Gym.”

“Why would I be looking for her?”

“You have that look on your face. You’re easily predictable.” he answered. “Plus, your horoscope said that you would be in pursuit of a person, so I thought I’d help you, since you have the worst luck today.”

“Um, okay? I’ll keep that in mind when I actually start to believe in that load of crap.”

He shrugged. “Suit yourself. I’m just trying to help.”

Midorima’s sudden appearance caught me off guard. How the hell could a stupid horoscope predict what I was currently doing? I never understood that Midorima. Always an enigma and always a gullible idiot. But it got me thinking. I wondered if Satsuki still had any importance to me and I wondered why I still chased after her, even though I don’t like her.

Back during the Interhigh, I injured my leg and it wasn’t such a huge injury. Satsuki overreacted and told the coach to bench me and let’s just say I didn’t react well to this.

“Satsuki! See what you’ve done?! I’m not even injured! I don’t need you meddling in whatever I do!” I yelled.

“But you know what you’ll be facing when you meet Akashi-kun in the finals! You may-”

“That’s what I meant when I said I don’t need your meddling! You’re not my guardian or anything!” I said. By now, I was in a full on rage mode. “I don’t want to see you again! You or your ugly face!”

Satsuki started to cry and she threw her clipboard at my jaw. “Yeah!! I had enough of you already!! You and your grotesque face!!” she screamed at me as she ran away.

I never meant to make her cry. I still feel awful about it to this day, but I know now that I can’t change that fact. I can’t make amends to what I did.”

Satsuki’s stupid speech on the acceleration due to gravity suddenly made sense to me after Touou’s loss in the first round of the Winter Cup. I felt the world spin as it orbited around the sun and the gravity below me pulled me down faster and faster. It only was a psychological feeling, but the physical manifestations were something entirely different.

After the match, the entire team was sulking about it, including me. I decided to get out of the negative environment and walked outside of the stadium. Satsuki went looking for me and eventually found me.

“Oh geez! There you are! Seriously, don’t go disappearing by yourself! Come on! let’s go back to the others!” she scolded.

“Hey, Satsuki, are you free tomorrow?” I asked.

“Well..” she began.

“Wanna go shopping together?”

“Huh?! Well… Sure, but… Huh?! Why so suddenly…?”

“I want to get new basketball shoes.” I sighed. “I wanna practice…”

Satsuki must’ve smiled at that point. “Okay… Let’s go! Dai-chan!” She turned around. “But buy me food, okay?”


It was then I felt so happy. For the first time in almost four years, Satsuki finally called me ‘Dai-chan’ again. It felt nice. It felt so familiar and friendly.

After Yosen lost to Seirin, I ran into Murasakibara outside as everyone was leaving the stadium. He was back to his usual self of binging on trash food.

“Oh. Mine-chin. Long time no see.” he greeted.

“Don’t call me that!” I shouted.

He laughed and then began to look at me. “Sa-chin’s not with you?”

“Who the hell is Sa-chin?”

“Uh…” he thought for a while. “That girl who’s always with you?”

“Satsuki? What about her?”

“She’s not with you today?”

“No. She’s with Tetsu.”

“Oh. Kuro-chin? I see. Are they dating now?”

“Hardly. It’s one sided. Tetsu doesn’t seem to like her.”

“You’d be surprised, Mine-chin.” he said as he held out a box of Pocky. “Want one?”

“No. Strawberry Pocky is the worst.”

“Suit yourself.” he replied as he continued to eat that trash. “You know, Mine-chin, you should think deeply about their relationship.”


“Why not? It’s interesting. Relationships are fun.” His cell phone started to ring and he took it out to check it. “I have to go. Maybe we’ll meet each other again, Mine-chin.”

Murasakibara’s conversation pissed me off. It irked me, but I didn’t forget it easily.

During the semifinals of the Winter Cup, I went out with Satsuki to a café. Just a friendly outing, but everyone around us thought we were a thing, which I didn’t mind and Satsuki didn’t notice.

“Hey, Satsuki...” I began. “Do you believe in fate?”

Satsuki choked on her drink and stared at me blankly. “What?” She quickly put her hand on my forehead. “What are you saying...? What are you saying…?!” she panicked.

“I don’t have a fever, idiot!” I sighed. “I know it’s not like me to say something like that. Recently, it occurred to me, but is it really just a coincidence that we, the ‘Generation of Miracles’, and Tetsu happen to come together at the same time? There’s no way I’d know whether there’s any meaning to it, but I have a feeling. How were we the same team together, and then later become enemies.... Then we all gathered at this competition. And, if something like fate exists, the fact that he appeared before us; someone who has all the qualifications of being a ‘Miracle’, yet didn’t become one of the ‘Generation of Miracles’.”

Satsuki listened to me ramble on and on about Kagami and how he could have been one of us. She kept thinking about what I was saying until I finished my speech.

“You know, Dai-chan, fate is just a thing that only humans experience.” she said. “Other animals don’t believe in fate. They don’t have religions. They don’t have an economy or clothes. They don’t have any of those things. Those things are only unique to humans.”

“So you don’t believe in fate? You think it’s a coincidence?”

She shook her head. “I can’t really believe that fate does exist, but I can’t deny the fact that it doesn’t.” She played with the straw she was drinking from. “I believe that there are multiple universes out there. And I also believe that we’re constantly moving between these universes, which I believe is also the reason we have déjà vu.”

“The multiverse theory?” I asked.

“Yes. I believe that we’re in a timeline where the meeting of the ‘Generation of Miracles’ was supposed to happen. The meeting was inevitable. It wasn’t fate that brought us together, but the universe.”

“That’s what you believe, Satsuki?”

“Wholeheartedly. I believe that this exists, though many physicists and mathematicians disagree with this probability.”

“Does that same theory apply with love, Satsuki?”


“Does the multiverse theory apply with love, Satsuki?”

She stared at me and then she started to laugh. “Who knows, Dai-chan? Love is something even science can’t explain.”

“I see.”

“Love just does it’s own thing, Dai-chan. You can’t control who you fall in love with and you can’t control the pain you feel from that kind of love. You also can’t control how fast love can accelerate.”

I don’t know why, but I felt my heart sink inside me after that conversation. It was the first time my heart hurt me. I didn’t understand why talking about fate would hurt like this.

After the Winter Cup finals, I caught Akashi talking with Satsuki about data. I knew he was upset about his loss to Tetsu and Seirin, but he pretending that it was nothing and talked with Satsuki. I kept my distance, knowing I wasn’t really welcomed, but I kept close and eavesdropped on the conversation.

“So, Satsuki, has your Intel improved a lot since you went to Touou?” Akashi asked her.

“I say it’s gotten a lot better, Akashi-kun.” she replied. “It’s gotten better and I’m faster at analyzing players now. You’ve improved a lot since our last encounter.”

“Not really. I still lost to Tetsuya. How’s Daiki doing? Are you guys dating yet?”

Satsuki got flustered. “No! We never liked each other!” she protested.

Akashi backed off. “Suit yourself. Tetsuya isn’t your boyfriend either, so who are you dating?”

“Tetsu-kun! I’m dating Tetsu-kun!”

“Really now?”

I didn’t know if Satsuki was actually serious because Tetsu still looked like a deadpan when around her. Does he even return her feelings?

High school flew by, like butterflies in migration. It soon overwhelmed me and I began to feel depressed. So now, I have to face the real world and do something with my life. Basketball was becoming a bust. I didn’t want to make a career in playing because I’m going to retire young and never play again, which makes me more depressed the more I think about it. Should I continue anyways and play basketball, or should I continue on with my stupid childhood dream of being a cop? Or should I do something entirely different?

Satsuki’s so-called “relationship” with Tetsu advanced and got more intimate, for lack of better words. She spent every moment she could with him, and I didn’t mind initially, but it got so far that I’ve caught them making out on various occasions. I try to keep an unfazed demeanor when I see it, but it’s bothering me more and more.

I kept these feelings inside me. I didn’t know who to talk to, since the only person who would listen to me is the problem. I tried to write down my thoughts on a daily basis, but it didn’t work and I felt more angry doing it. Basketball wasn’t a venting method anymore. I was going to try drugs until I realized I was still considering a job in law enforcement, which wouldn’t be good. I eventually resorted to sleeping. It felt nice to sleep away problems, but eventually, it developed to the point where I would sleep for 20 hours a day and wake up for four hours. The doctors were worried that I got African sleeping sickness or Sleeping Beauty syndrome, but after stealing some blood from me while I was asleep, they only found an almost non-existent amount of serotonin in the blood work. The doctors told my mother that I had depression and she started to cry due to the stigma surrounding mental disorders.

Satsuki came to visit me with Tetsu three days after my diagnosis. They walked in on me swallowing handfuls of Abilify and ibuprofen.

“Dai-chan! What are you doing?!” Satsuki shouted.

“Taking medications??” I answered sarcastically. “I need to take more than required because of my body’s physique.”

Satsuki glared at me and Tetsu had his normal, blank expression.

“We came to check on you, Aomine-kun.” Tetsu finally said. “We heard about the diagnosis. Are you okay?”

“Yeah? Just tired. All the time.”

Satsuki began to cry. “Don’t lie to me, Dai-chan! I’m worried about you!”

I sighed. I was thinking of pulling her into a hug until Tetsu did it first.

“I’m not dying, Satsuki. I’ll be fine. Just give me a few days or something. I’ll get over it.”

“It’s okay, Momoi-san.” Tetsu reassured. “Aomine-kun is strong.”

We spent the rest of the time comforting Satsuki. I found a substance to abuse just to cope with the pain, but I realized it was too late. There was no point anymore. All these years of being with Satsuki. All these years of being her friend. All of these years of fighting, crying, laughing, having fun and playing basketball. It was too late.

I’m in love with Momoi Satsuki and it hurts because I can’t have her anymore.

Fast forwarding to now, I’m still depressed, but I’m still not really sure why now. Tetsu was getting married to Satsuki and he asked me to be the best man. Reluctantly, I agreed.

The ceremony was small. She only invited us, the ‘Miracles’, the Seirin and Touou basketball teams and a few of her friends. Tetsu’s expression never changed. Even as she walked down the aisle, he still had his blank, expressionless face. Everyone else was smiling at the two. Satsuki’s smile was so beautiful that day, but I could tell she was sad. I really didn’t want to be there, but I had to be. My best friend was getting married to my childhood friend and love interest. I had to go through the pain. I had to.

The ceremony ended quickly and Tetsu and Satsuki were legally married to each other now. My heart sank and I felt like I was going to die. I knew that I can’t change these things anymore. That this is forever. Satsuki was married to Tetsu and I wasn’t. I sat down at the reception, drinking excessive alcohol and taking pills. No one seemed to notice because they were all crowded around Satsuki and Tetsu as they shared their first dance. I watched from a distance, trying not to cry. They spent a long time just slow dancing until the song concluded and everyone else started to dance to the trash pop music Kise was playing. Satsuki walked up to me and sat down beside me and Tetsu was talking with the rest of his team.

“Dai-chan? You’re not going to join in?”

“No. I’m tired so I’m sitting out.”

“Tired? Do you wanna take a walk then, Dai-chan?”

I was reluctant to go, but I agreed to. We got up and walked away from everyone else. Satsuki lead us behind the church, where the wedding was held. We watched the sunset together and sighed.


“No, Dai-chan. I need to tell you something first.”

“Tell me something? What is it, Satsuki?”

She took a deep breath and was shaking. I held her close to make her feel better.

“Daiki I loved you. I loved you from the first moment we met under the komorebi up until now. I still do, but I couldn’t keep loving you. It was too painful for me to continue to love you, so I tried to suppress the feelings by pretending to be in love with Tetsu-kun. Then that pretend love turned into actual love.”


“I loved you, Aomine Daiki. I loved you and it hurts.”

I couldn’t believe that she said that. She loved me. And I loved her. And now we can’t be together because I couldn’t grow the balls to tell her how I felt all these years. I couldn’t tell her how I felt because I didn’t know I felt like this. It’s all my fault.

“Satsuki, I love you too. I always had and I always will, but I know we can’t be together like this anymore. You belong to Tetsu now. You can’t be with me.”

That statement just made her cry. I couldn’t hold back my own tears and began to cry as well. She was gone now. She wasn’t Momoi Satsuki anymore. She was Kuroko Satsuki. Not Aomine Satsuki. She can never be Aomine Satsuki.

“Satsuki, I’m sorry, but I have to go now. Maybe we’ll see each other again if we can put aside these feelings we once had for each other aside.”

“Kiss me, Dai-chan.”

“What? Satsuki, you know I can’t do that.”

Satsuki pulled on the collar of my shirt and pressed her lips onto mine. Initially, I was shocked, but I just held it there until she backed off. “You sure can’t, but I can.”


She turned around to walk back to the party. “Goodbye, Aomine Daiki. My one true love. My best friend. My Dai-chan.”

I know there’s no turning back. She was gone from my life. Just like rain in Africa, she was gone.

Maybe in another universe, we’re together. Maybe then, her name would be Aomine Satsuki. Maybe in that world, I wouldn’t be hurting like this. Maybe in a past life, we were together. Maybe everything would have worked out if I told her how I felt. Maybe I wouldn’t be in this pain if I never talked to her that fateful spring day under the tree.

I now understand what she meant. She wanted to accelerate the speed at which she fell in love with Tetsu so she wouldn’t be so hurt by me not returning any of her feeling. Or maybe she meant she wanted to accelerate the speed of which I fell in love with her. I’ll never know. Not anymore, anyways. She’s not in love with me anymore. I’m not allowed to be in love with her anymore.

No. I don’t regret not meeting Momoi Satsuki. I never regretted it. I will always be her ‘Dai-chan’ and she will always be my ‘Satsuki’. I’ll just be forever watching her from a far distance as she falls deeper and deeper in love with Tetsu.
9.8 Metres Per Second Squared (AomineXMomoi)
There's a high chance I'm gonna get mocked by posting this because my friends enjoy doing dramatic readings of my shitty writing.

My favourite pairing in Kuroko no Basuke has to be Aomine and Momoi, though everyone else doesn't agree lel :^)

Seekrit Page:…
Archive Of Our Own:…
Lillipup Is Lil' And Brown by SakooriUxiegirl44
Lillipup Is Lil' And Brown
Drawing request/Christmas present for my friend that I never uploaded until now.

It's an ORAS team from his Omega Ruby game. Sceptile, Sharpedo, Skarmory, Pikachu, Masquerain and (Mega) Absol. Honestly, 2k15 might just be the year I improve in digital a lot. 

Writing more Male Character X Reader inserts and drawing requests for my friends during my winter break, which is soon. Possible shitpost of art by end of the week maybe.

It was over. It had all been over. Team Magma and Team Aqua had both disbanded after two kids had captured Kyogre and Groudon: The Pokemon each organization was after. Maxie wanted more land. Archie wanted more sea. In the end, it was all for nothing. Their goals shattered by two kids right out of Littleroot Town. For Maxie, this crushed his heart again, as he fell over and was swept away by the currents in the sea.

He remembered it like it happened yesterday. There he was, standing in front of a longtime childhood friend. The girl that made him smile. The girl that made him laugh. The girl that did everything for him. The girl he loved. There she was. She just stood there in front of him, as he shook and stuttered over his words.

"I- I- I h-have s-s-something to s-say to y-you..." he managed to get out as he trembled.

"Maxie? What is it? Are you sick? Are you cold? You're shaking an awful lot..." she worried.

He took a deep breath and sighed heavily. He grabbed both of her hands and held them close to his chest, right above his pounding heart. He closed his eyes and began to talk. "I'm... I'm going off for a while. I realized how much this whole ' more land' thing means to me and I'm going to do whatever it takes to achieve it. I... I wanted to ask you if you wanted to join me in this endeavor. Will you join me in resurrecting Groudon?"

She retracted her hands quickly. "Maxie, you know I'd do anything for you... But this... I'm sorry but I don't want to help you. I think the sea and land have to live in symbiosis. I'm not siding with your rival, Archie, either. I just can't fathom a world of only water or only ground. They have to coexist. I'm sorry, Maxie..."

She attempted to say more, but her tears choked her. Maxie reached out to hold her tightly in his arms, but before he knew it, she had run away from him, leaving him alone to stand in the midsummer night. His heart sunk and everything felt numb to him. He didn't cry. He didn't get angry. All he did was question why. Why did she do this to him? Why did he even ask her that? What will happen to them now?

Maxie founded Team Magma and became the cold and stoic leader of the organization. He lead a whole group of people who all believed that the sea should dry up and create more land. Much to the dismay of Team Aqua, who sought a world covered in water. Maxie created a big name for himself and eventually got to the point where he confronts Groudon itself. His failed attempt at controlling the beast of a Pokemon lead to the downfall of Team Magma. While Archie also failed to control Kyogre, Maxie began to feel that numbing pain he felt years before establishing Team Magma. The pain he felt when he messed up. The pain he caused her. The pain he kept bottled up this entire time. Maxie fell into the ocean and began to drift away with the currents. He washed up on a mysterious shore. He had no memory of the place he landed, nor does he remember who he is. His world was blurry and he couldn't see properly. He passed out, only to hear a faint voice before blacking out completely.

He awoke in an unfamiliar bed, wearing clothing that he swore he has seen before. Being near-sighted, he couldn't see very far in front of him. He attempted to feel for his glasses, finding them on the nightstand beside him. He puts them on and examined his surroundings. The room looks a little feminine. The furniture matched the paint on the walls. Outside of the window was a lovely view of the sea. The afternoon sun shone brightly on the water's surface as the sandy beach accents the blue of the sea. He sighed and admired the beauty of the scene before getting out of bed and looking around the rest of the place.

He walked up to the desk in the room and looks at a photo in a small frame on the desktop. It was a picture of a teenage girl and boy together, smiling. He had an uneasy feeling in his chest as he looked at it. He didn't know why he feels this way when he looks at the picture, so he looked away. He proceeded to open the door of the room and walk out. He guided himself to the living room of the house. It was a sunny, beach-side house that was small and cozy. The windows were open wide and the air had a faint smell of salt. A slight breeze blew past him. He looks around the room and finds a woman tending to the wounds on several Pokemon. She looks up from her work and notices Maxie.

"You're awake." she began. "How do you feel?"

Maxie felt something painful in his chest. "I don't know." he replied. "Who am I? Who are you? Where am I?" he asked, hoping this woman would have the answers he needs.

" You have amnesia..." she said as she trailed off. "Nevertheless, you needn't know who I am. Just know I won't hurt you and I'm going to help you until you do remember everything."

The pain in his chest became unbearable. He fell to his knees and began breathing heavily. She ran over to him and tried asking him if he was alright. She moved his body and made him lie down just as he caught his breath and his heartbeat slowed down.

"Are you okay?!" she asked in a panic.

He nodded. "I'm fine..."

"That's good. Now, you have to eat something because you were unconscious for several days and haven't eaten anything yet. Get up. I'll prepare something that's easy to stomach." the mysterious woman told Maxie. He got up off the ground and sat down at the dining room table as the woman grabbed an apron and began to cook. He stared at her, pondering about who she was and why she was helping him. He also thought about who he was and where he is now.

"Where is this place?" he asked.

"Oh, we're near Petalburg City. Just west of the city on the route." she replied.

"Petal... Burg...?" he said with uncertainty.

"You really don't remember anything, do you?" she questioned. "At least tell me you remember your Pokemon."

"My Pokemon? No, I have no recollection of them..." Maxie replied.

"You have severe amnesia. I wouldn't be surprised." she said, going back to cooking. The two stopped exchanging words right after that.

She finished making noodles and the PokeFood for the Pokemon she was tending to. She also baked two dozen Lava Cookies that are sitting on a cooking rack. She gives him the bowl of noodles and a pair of chopsticks.

"It's really light. You'll be able to stomach it." she said as she let out a faint smile.

"Thank you." came the reply from Maxie. They ate in silence as they exchanged looks throughout the meal. Maxie gets a warm feeling in his chest, but he's not sure why.

Once the mysterious woman cleaned up everything and brought the Lava Cookies to the table, she began to feed the Pokemon with them. While they happily munched away at their treat, she turned her attention to the amnesia-stricken Maxie.

"Why did you give them those cookies?" he questioned.

"Lava Cookies are special. Not only do they taste good, but they heal status conditions of Pokemon if they eat them." she answered.

Suddenly, Maxie see a flashback of a past event. Something he remembers about himself.

"Maxieeeeeeeeeeee!" was the whine from a little girl.

"What is it?" he said as he looked up from his book that he was reading.

"Why do you read those boring books? Why can't we have fun together?" she asked him, pouting.

"I read those books because I want to achieve s dream. Don't you dream about anything?" he asked her.

"Yeah. I dream of spending a lot of time with you!" came the rash reply. "Now come on! Let's play!"

Maxie snapped back into reality. He felt light headed and used his hand to support his head. "I... I think I remember something..."

"Hm? What is it that you remember?" the woman asked, starting at him.

"I think my name is... My name is... Maxie..."

"It is. Your name is Maxie. Do you recall anything else?"

"A girl... I... I saw a girl..."

"Well, it's a start. At least you remember your name." she answered. "Maxie, huh?"

He spent the rest of his day, thinking about who he was. He remembers his name is Maxie, but there has to be more to it than just a name. He eventually drifted off into a deep slumber and began to dream.
"Maxie!" a teenage girl called out to him as she ran over to where he is. "Maxie, please be my partner in this battle!" she begged.

Maxie looked up from the book he was reading. He was studying the origins of the Hoenn region before she came up to him. "A battle?" he asked.

"Please, Maxie! Archie and his friend want to battle against me and someone else and I want you to be my partner! Oh please?" she begged.

He closed his book and stood up from where he was sitting. "Alright, but if you give up, I'll scold you." he said with a small smile creeping onto his face.

She beamed. "Yay! Let's go, Maxie!" she said as she grabbed his hand and ran off together.

The rest of the dream was very faint to Maxie, but he picked out the three Pokemon he was using in the battle. He remembered that Crobat, Mightyena and Camerupt were his most beloved Pokemon. He also remembered the name of his rival, Archie, but he has no recollection of why they were rivals in the first place.

Maxie woke up abruptly and looked outside the window, only to see his beloved Pokemon playing together outside on the sandy beach. He got up and looked outside at them when a voice called out to him from behind.

"Hey, Maxie. You're awake now. Do you remember anything else?" the mysterious woman asked.

"Those are my Pokemon, correct?" he replied.

"Yep! Ready for battling and in the best health!" she answered. "I'm going out for a bit. I need to pick up groceries. I'll be back in an hour. Do you mind looking after the place while I'm gone?"

"It's the least I can do. After all, you're giving me a place to stay until I remember everything."

"It's nothing, really." she began. "I don't want someone suffering from amnesia walking around, not knowing what anything is." she said as she grabbed a sweater and put on some shoes. "I'll just be an hour, okay?"

"Alright. One hour."

"I'll see you in an hour then." she said as she opened the door and walked out of the house. Maxie went and closed the door. He turned his attention back to his Pokemon playing near a clothesline. Curious about the clothing that was drying outside, Maxie went out and looked at them. He looked at the huge overcoat that was still dripping with water and he saw a logo on the lapel of it.

"That logo..." he said. "I know this logo..."

Suddenly, his head started to hurt and he fell backwards onto something before passing out.

"Boss! What should we do next? We've captured the meteorite!" a grunt had asked him.

"Bring it back to the hideout. Don't let those meddling kids or that blasted Team Aqua get a hold of it." Maxie had ordered.

The grunt runs off with the meteorite, only to be blasted away, courtesy of Archie, the leader of Team Aqua.

"Well well well..." Archie began. "We meet again, Maxie. How's your life?" he taunted as he grabbed the meteorite from the ground.

"Never been better, now that you're here." he sneered.

"Oh? Are you still not heartbroken about what happened three years prior to you forming Team Magma?" Archie reminded him.

Maxie went into a state of shock, but he tried his best to hide it. How could he have forgotten? Nonetheless, he returned with an icy stare. "I got the meteorite first. Hand it over." he ordered.

"Sharpedo, go!" Archie shouted as he drew his Sharpedo out of his PokeBall. "You'll have to fight me for it. Do you really think I'd give this up?!"

"Camerupt, go!" Maxie shouted as he drew out his Pokemon. He pressed his fingers against the Mega Stone on the side of his glasses, mega evolving his Camerupt.

"So we're playing that kind of game, huh?" Archie said as he pressed his fingers against the Mega Stone on his anchor chain, mega evolving his Sharpedo.

The two Pokemon clashed. Though the majority of the battle was a blur to him, Maxie remembered why he was rivals with Archie. Archie sought to rid the world of land and make a vast sea. Maxie had dreamed of ridding the world of the sea, creating more land. That was how Team Magma and Team Aqua formed.

Maxie awoke to his Crobat furiously flapping his wings, causing a wind. He was trying to cool off Maxie's head and wake him up. Maxie was lying on top of his Camerupt, which was surprisingly comfortable. He sat up, only to be attacked by his Mightyena, licking his face.

"I remember now. I remember everything about me!" he exclaimed. "I'm Maxie, leader of Team Magma. Seeker of Groudon. Sworn enemy of Team Aqua."

"Seems like you forgot one thing still, Maxie." he heard that familiar voice from behind. "It'll come back to you. I'm sure of it."

Maxie stared at her for a long time. He swore he had seen her face before. Her voice sounded so familiar to him. Everything about her seemed familiar, as if he'd known her for such a long time. He tried to trigger another flashback, but nothing came to him.

She sighed. "Shall I make dinner then?" she asked as she walked back indoors. She seemed distraught while she said it and Maxie had an uneasy feeling return to him.

He knew this feeling. He knew he had felt this before. That mysterious woman looked exactly like the girl that kept appearing in the flashbacks he had. Something about her just bothered Maxie.

She finished making dinner a while later. They did not speak. He did not look at her. They ate in silence. Once they finished, she cleaned up as Maxie took his clothes off of the clothesline and went to go change into them. Once he came out, he returned his Pokemon into their PokeBalls and put them back in his overcoat pocket.

"Where are you going?" the woman asked Maxie.

"I seem to have remembered everything. I should get going. I don't wish to hinder you any more than I already have." he replied.

"But where will you go? You don't have anywhere else to stay."

"The Magma Hideout. I can stay there."

She shook her head. "It was raided last week by the police. No one is allowed access."

"Figures. I'll find a place." he said, somewhat disappointed. "Well, I should be going. Thank you for helping me, though you never told me your name."

"It's (Name)."


It suddenly hit him like a bullet in his chest. He remembered the pain as a supernovae explosion and it all came back to him. She was his childhood friend. She was the one that made him laugh, smile, cry and love. She was the one he had loved and has lost on that fateful night three years ago. The emotions overwhelmed him and he couldn't control his tears. He tried to hide it regardless.

"Maxie... You can't hide your emotions in this world... You can't hide behind a stoic face forever..." she said to him as she pulled him into her embrace. "Maxie, it's over... Team Magma is over... You can't go back to that past..."

"That's not what I'm upset about, (Name)..." he said as he continued to cry. "It's you that I'm upset about..."

She walked him over and sat him down on the couch in the living room. "So you remembered that day, huh...?"

He only nodded. He tried his best to clean up his face and calm himself down. "(Name)... I'm sorry I hurt you three years ago... I'm sorry I did what I did... I'm sorry I tried to involve you in this stupid scheme... I'm sorry..." he rambled.

She shook her head and held him closer to her. "No, Maxie... You didn't hurt me... I only hurt myself..." she began. "I ran away because I couldn't stand the fact that I was losing you. That you would run off to fulfill a dream of your's you had so long... I just... I just didn't want to lose the only person that mattered so much to me..." she said as she choked on her tears. She retracted her arms and began to cover her face with her hands.

Maxie looked up and saw her crying; just like the day he lost her. He pulled her close to him and held her tightly. "I'm sorry for everything, (Name)... I love you and..." he started. "And I'll never leave you again..."

She uncovered her face and stared at him with her teary eyes. Maxie wiped her tears away with his fingers and held her chin up with them. He moved his head down and closed his eyes as he pressed his lips against her's. She closed her eyes and returned the gesture. It was a whole new feeling for Maxie. He felt so warm inside as the kiss deepened. With a feeling like that, it would be impossible for him to just leave her again.

They broke away from the kiss. Maxie still held her close and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I love you, (Name)..."

"I love you too, Maxie.."
Amnesia (Maxie X Reader)
Disappointed with the lack of Magma Leader Maxie reader inserts, so I wrote this one. It's a little short but longer than the ones I've seen.
Preview Art quickly drawn by me so lol

So it's literally been about a year or close to that since I last posted a journal. I thought this would be a good time to tell you what the fuck I've been up to lately.

:bulletblue: For those of you who read my triple crossover fanfiction series, Turnabout Outbreak, I haven't posted the last two chapters on my DeviantART yet. If you're dying for an update, they have been posted to account. You can read it here:… I'm currently working on how I want the story to go because it's very disorganized as of this point. High school biology so not useful when trying to figure out the mechanics of a fictional virus. Update and inspiration will take a while though, so bear with me if you're reading it.

:bulletblue: High school sucks, workload wise. I've been up to my eyeballs in homework and I don't do any of it to be honest. I don't honestly pay attention in class and I could really care less at this point, even though Grade 11 marks can count towards early acceptance for university in Canada. Grades have been slipping, I guess? I just don't care, even though I should because I'm going to major in mechanical engineering most likely. Need to keep up that physics mark or I'm screwed.

:bulletblue: I'm also busy with extra-curricular activities because universities want to see you be involved with random shit. Running around here and there, doing shit that I wasn't even suppose to be doing. It's funny. 

:bulletblue: I haven't been posting much of the art I do in school out of laziness. I swear if I had premium on DeviantART, I would do multiple submissions of everything. Sculptures are impossible to photograph because all my sculptures require you to walk around the entire thing to get a sense of it all and I just don't have time to patience to edit and create one image with multiple views. I'll try and see if I can get an update in during the Winter Break.

:bulletblue: I got a camera upgrade I guess? I now take photos of my artwork with my Nokia Lumia 1020. Yeah, it's the one with the 41 megapixel camera. Still finding a good shutter speed and exposure rate that works well for photographing artwork. You might see some photographs I took with it.

:bulletblue: I'm probably not in the best of health right now, but it's okay~ It doesn't affect my daily life, other than the fact that my immune system sucks, so I get sick easily. I'm not helping myself because I don't sleep enough or eat enough.

:bulletblue: I now have an Instagram where I post works in progress and science labs I do and my Tumblr URL changed. Check my profile for the fixed links!

:bulletblue: I'm thinking of doing a Christmas giveaway on my Facebook page. Check out the page for more details (Link in profile).

:bulletblue: As of right now, both of my Wacom Bamboo tablets are not working properly and I am too busy to fix either of them right now. I cry every time.

:bulletblue: What can I say? I think I would have done some of this stuff if I wasn't madly falling in love with someone.

Life goes on, people. Hopefully, I'll have time to update everything and post more often.
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